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SNSTC held the Open Day event successfully

SNSTC 2018-08-20

On August 4, SNSTC set up a showroom for 5-axis CNC grinding machine in Dongguan City, Guangdong Province. We invited new and old customers to attend and witness this event, through on-site demonstrations, helping customers better understand the structure, features and applications of the machine.

On August 18, SNSTC held the “Machine Open Day” events in Changzhou. A continuous stream of visitors and consultants came to the event. Through  took a close look at the machining process and the explanation of the technical staff on-site, the customer gain a closer understanding of the performance and structure.


During the dinner, Our General Manager Sun introduced the design concept and functions of the machine to customers, and showed the internal structure of the TC3 N3 and the processes through a video. Finally, he showed his appreciate for the support and trust of every visitors, and said that SNSTC will continue to increase investment in technology, product R&D, solution and services, and strive to create more value for customers.

The showroom and the Open Day event’s success, promoted the the communion and development of product brands and enhanced cohesion and discipline of the company. With better products, technologies and better services, SNSTC will continue to follow follow the principle of gradual improvement, keep pace with the times, and continue to provide customers with better products.